The company Produits de nos Grand-Mères N.D. inc. was founded by Nicolas Dery in 1972. His mission was to offer quality baked goods to the retail market only. Ten years later, Mr Dery diversified the company’s activity by integrating a cannery division. It led to a fast expansion and the company rapidly had its products distributed in Quebec’s largest retail chains. Since 2003, the family company is managed by Caroline and Éric Déry. They made some major investments to launch a line of regular and flavoured mayonnaise. This shift propelled the company into the institutional and industrial sector. Whether through regular products or with customer adapted recipes, the company was able to develop a solid foundation of customers in Eastern Canada. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed all their facilities. In order to continue to adequately serve their customers a quick reaction was required which forced the company to liquidate certain product lines. These decisions were hard to make, and they chose to rebuild the facilities focussing on only the mayonnaise products. The quality of these products is undeniable as well as is mastery of the processes that allow to supply institutional customers and prestigious restaurant chains. Therefore, it is with passion and optimism that new equipment was installed in the new facilities, respecting the strictest sanitary and health standards. The goal is to triple market share in the next two years. The new facilities are flexible and efficient, this goal will be achieved without any additional investment in capital assets. The company is looking for partners that will allow: the distribution of high-quality products or to produce their specific products. It is therefore, with great confidence that the company presents its new corporate image: PGM inc. With more than 45 years of experience in the food transformation sector, the company is really convinced that it is one of the best suppliers for major prime contractors in the Canadian food industry.